Launch My career

A global platform for careers success

Launch My Career engages young people in their career journey in a way that other online platforms cannot.

A fun, interative platform that identifies the personality types of young people, highlights the careers they are most suited and supports them in achieving their career ambitions with the National Careers Challenge and virtual work experiences.

Schools and colleges have direct access to students’ career profiles so they can personalise any support and guidance to their students’ needs.

The online experience supports class, home and remote learning and is even more effective when combined with the fully immersive virtual reality (VR) careers experience.

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Career success framework

Every user is taken through a career success framework

Self discovery tools

LaunchMyCareer self-discovery tools enable you to find your natural talent and passion, to help guide your personal and professional growth.

Self discovery tools

LaunchMyCareer self-discovery tools enable you to find your natural talent and passion, to help guide your personal and professional growth.

Career Explorer

Career Explorer has many tools to guide learners on a path of exploration best suited to them.

Live Counselling

LaunchMyCareer counsellors serve as a bridge connecting parental aspirations and learner dreams.

Learning Hub

The Learning Hub caters to formal and informal learning, keeping career understanding at the core.

Career Passport

This feature represents meaningful information including diagnostic tools, career guidance, and the Learning Hub.

Launch My Career: How it works

Live counselling

Launch My Career counsellors serve as a bridge connecting parental aspirations and learner dreams. Live counselling uses techniques that cover active listening, reflecting, summarising, intuition, creativity, empathy and altruism.

  • Counsellors help learners in understanding their true potential
  • Provide guidance in choosing the right career path
  • Creating a complete career roadmap for students

Live counselling sessions include discovery and exploration to develop an individual plan and pace that is supported by learning, application and further assistance.


For students

Find the way to their perfect career choice through immersive technology. Using our innovative platform, we’ll guide students towards understanding their own personality type. They will link to one of our 16 personality animals, discover other people with the same personality type and explore how this suits their future career choices.

Don’t stop there. Pick up where they left off and get personalised learning content based on their personality type. It can be accessed on their mobile, tablet and their computer.

Use our platform to help develop the skills they’ll need for a future career.

Understanding your students

For educators

Experience a whole new approach to careers advice and guidance. Give students access to an immersive, innovative and engaging platform that will make them excited about their future career, and motivated about their education.

Measure students’ successes via the educator dashboard, connect them with pathways of study to support their skills development and match them with their future employers. All data is synchronised across devices and is available on desktop, mobile or tablet, as well as in VR.

There’s a world of information and support at your fingertips.


For Employers

In a world where there is increased competition to recruit the best talent for your business, the platform allows businesses to recruit from users across the globe. With access to target potential employees and students with the right attributes for business, employers can attract the right talent who are motivated about their future careers.

Harnessing the power of the platform, through virtual work experiences, place your business in front of a global audience of future employees. Resulting in candidates who better understand your business and deliver a more efficient recruitment process.


Transforming the way in which
the world learns

Just as Netflix transformed the way the world watches TV, DevClever has created, the world’s first social and skills network that is transforming the way the world learns. is turning careers education on its head and opening up new opportunities for young people, educators and employers by linking them through technology.

We have created a powerful careers ecosystem which brings young people, schools, further and higher education institutions and employers together into one interactive space.

Here, young people take their first steps on the road to career success, educators help students achieve their dreams, and employers find their future creators, innovators and leaders.

Key benefits

Easy to use

No barriers to entry, it’s easy and intuitive for teachers and students to get started.

Plug & Play

Intuitive ‘plug and play’ experience with no heavy training or technical knowledge required.

Faster decision-making

Minimal investment means a faster decision-making process to get you started.

Fully Scalable

For students of all abilities and all ages.

Advanced Analytics engine

Our custom-built analytics engine provides data that helps us predict future content and hardware requirements.

Guaranteed ROI for schools

Immediate benefits and ROI for schools, supporting students on their journey to career readiness.


The National Careers Challenge

What is the National Careers Challenge?

The National Careers Challenge is a competition which brings exciting new opportunities for students from Year 6 to Year 13 to meet and build relationships with real employers.

Through a series of activities, students get the chance to solve a real business challenge set by our corporate sponsors and develop the essential skills they need to thrive in whatever career pathway they choose.

How can the National Careers Challenge help?

Schools enter teams of students who will compete in one of three projects to become National Careers Challenge winners 2021/2022.

To kick off the challenge, our team of experts visit schools for a day of enterprise activities. Students then work on their projects and submit their results for judging by our panel.

The challenges include:

  • An engineering and design challenge created by Thorpe Park and Merlin Entertainment, the national theme park company.
  • A challenge to come up with solutions to the world’s most significant dilemmas around energy and environmental sustainability from Air Products, the global supplier of industrial gases and equipment.
  • A challenge specifically designed to inspire the nation’s future business leaders and entrepreneurs, from NatWest bank.

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