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In an evolving world of technological advances, competitive recruitment challenges and addressing the growing skills gaps, our creative and innovative solutions support employers in developing the talent they will need to meet their future needs by inspiring school children from a young age through interactive and engaging experiences about the future world of work.

Careers of the future will look very different to many of the careers we understand and experience today. New jobs will emerge to meet the global developments, such as zero carbon. Employees, both now and in the future, will want more flexible working environments, yet still access the career development and skills they need to progress.

DevClever’s employer solutions are designed to enable employers to recruit and retain the best talent within their business through immersive learning and development experiences that can improve efficiency and effectiveness.


Our Solutions

We can support your workforce by developing the skills
of employees and teams so that everyone can work to the
best of their ability.

National Careers Challenge

The National Careers Challenge is a competition, delivered through our sister company, The Inspirational Learning Group, bringing exciting new opportunities for employers to connect and build relationships with students from Year 6 to Year 13.

Through a series of activities, students get the chance to solve a real business challenge set by our employers, and develop the essential skills they need to thrive in whatever career pathway they choose.

Virtual Work Experience

With branded virtual work experiences, employers can harness the power of technology to recruit, attract and showcase your business to a global audience of potetial future employees.

Employer Virtual work experiences give applicants a better understanding of the business, supporting them through the recruitment processes and result in applicants who better understand the business, better applicants who understand your business, reducing employee attrition due to poor recruitment.

Learning & Development solutions

In an evolving and more flexible working environment, where developing and retaining talent is critical to business success, effecitve learning and development solutions are of paramount importantance.

With a range of immersive learning and development content, using 3D, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) technologies, together with induction and employee development solutions people work better, smarter and safer.

Talent solutions

Through our Launch My Career platform, the National Careers Challenge competition and virtual work experiences, enables employers to recruit the best talent available whilst showcasing your business against competitors.

With over one million hours of industry experience in providing immersive solutions, we have the talent solutions to match your needs. We can provide exciting ways to develop your existing teams’ skills through virtual walkthroughs of locations and products. Giving people a deeper understanding of the way today’s workplaces are run.

Learning Management system

You can access and manage employee learning and development data, build and launch new content, analyse using data analytics to support your overall corporate learning and development strategies.

Why use DevClever?

Worldwide content

Immersive solutions that have been successfully delivered in more than 20 countries worldwide.

1,000+ AR/VR Apps

More than 1,000 immersive applications mapped across curriculums globally.

Extensive Asset Library

A huge repository of over 30,000 3D assets that can be used to create bespoke learning and content solutions.

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