DevClever announce a 5 year partnership with Veative and NISA to roll out its Platform in India

Chris Jeffries


Today, Dev Clever, experts in digital innovation and immersive careers guidance, announce a 5-Year Partnership with Veative and the National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA) to implement its careers discovery platform, Launch Your Career, across 70,000 schools in India.

The platform, which has seen career engagement rates soar in young learners across two continents, will deliver high-quality guidance in line with dedicated benchmarks to ensure standards are raised. Focusing on verified testing, profiling, and custom data, Dev Clever will replicate the success it has had in the UK and USA to raise the bar across all NISA affiliated schools that onboard to the platform.

Also, as part of the new agreement, the trio will further bridge the careers gap in India by integrating a world-first direct-to-consumer subscription service. The service will offer advanced functionality and invaluable careers development content at the click of a button, on the fly, and synced to every device. Accessible anywhere, anytime, anyhow; nurturing India’s youngest minds in their own homes.

Moreover, the service aligns with Launch Your Career and is the perfect opportunity for parents and schools alike to maximise the potential of India’s student base. Giving them the tools to discover a career outside the norm, link to employers and institutions, and use resources to make informed decisions. In essence, Dev Clever’s objective is to become the CEIAG platform-of-choice across India.

Launch Your Career: The platform-of-choice in India

Pleased to conclude Phase One of its entry into the Indian marketplace, the partnership has already prepared and is ready to kickstart Phase Two in January 2021. Phase One was all about evaluation. Phase Two will see NISA recommend as the platform-of-choice to its 70,000 schools, which are attended by c.13 million students. It presents opportunity for widespread impact on learners and celebrates a significant milestone in the changing of India’s current careers offering.  

In recent years, the demand for better careers standards and advisers in India is unprecedented. In 2019, it was reported that 93% of schools across India lacked trained career specialists. Up to 53% of school leavers are ill-advised to find a job. Market saturation has left many youths out of work. The repercussions of this are dangerous for schools, learners, as well as India’s economy.

The new partnership will tackle India’s crisis’s head on in schools and the home. Once schools have onboarded and are familiar with the platform, there will be opportunity to upgrade its subscription license to gain best practice tools, Veative modules, and virtual learning content. The upgrades are engineered to enhance not only student potential but advisory efficiency; effectively, it’ll ensure schools can better align and guide learners from all potential avenues.

A New B2C Subscription Model for Careers Guidance: Giving Learners What They Want

The EdTech space worldwide has been significantly growing year-on-year. In light of Covid-19, India has witnessed an even larger boom. Its EdTech market is estimated to grow by up to 4x by 2025, reaching approx. $10bn, and it’s becoming a space to engage young paid subscribers.

In fact, India has become a nation of digital subscribers and Dev Clever are ready to transform the existing landscape with its landmark B2C subscription model to enhance careers guidance. The service, set to hit the Indian market from [April 2021], delivers outstanding functionality and access to careers content at home. It will also enable parents to supplement and monitor their child’s progress from any device. It’s a sleek and modern approach to careers guidance.

The expansive service will provide skills, guidance, and experience from all angles to maximize a learner’s potential and prepare them for college and career readiness. Students will benefit from virtual work experiences, careers networking, as well as college and course recommendations. Moreover, students can also undertake valuable modules to build aspects of their character and learning, incl. modules in interactive language learning, self-development and wellbeing, and curriculum-aligned educational units, all designed and brought to life by the award-winning Veative.

Success is in student statistics: Transforming lives

Dev Clever have rocketed careers engagement in learners within the UK. It recently collected feedback from schools it works with and is proud to highlight an impressive 147% growth in student participants feeling more engaged and informed after using the Launch Your Career platform.

By readjusting their focus and empowering students to make real life choices, educators could motivate learners in or outside the classroom. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with 94% of learners saying the platform was helpful to finding the right career. 89% of learners felt more informed about careers. While 96% of students said they loved the Launch Your Career platform.

Chris Jeffries, CEO Dev Clever, said:

“This is a significant milestone and material opportunity to support the career development of millions of young people in India. We are delighted to be working directly in partnership with NISA, the benchmark authority and voice of the expeditiously expanding budget private education sector in India, and Veative, the market-leading provider of online and immersive curriculum-aligned learning content. Together, we are able to deliver this solution at such a scale that it has a real possibility to change the way young people learn and become prepared for the world of work in their future.

 “The Indian EdTech sector is predicted to grow from *$2.8bn in 2020 to $10bn by 2025 and this partnership enables the company to enter an exciting geography at scale with a strong proposition, a direct route to market and the opportunity to secure a sizable part of this rapidly growing sector.”

Kulbhushan Sharma, President at NISA, commented:

“NISA is committed to bringing about the best learning and growth opportunities for all students within our purview, and this commitment does not end at the gates of a school. Working with Dev Clever and Veative to drive career readiness and open up further long-term opportunities brings an added dimension to all that we do. We are delighted to explore new career aspirations with our students through the Launch Your Career platform, and then excite those minds with the cutting-edge learning technology developed by Veative. Much more than a simple solution, this new way of connecting students with learning will bring a significantly positive impact to budget private schools in India.

Ankur Aggarwal, CEO at Veative Labs, added:

“We are both excited and humbled to be working with Dev Clever, a market leader in career development, and NISA, a massively influential body working hard to affect real, lasting change in the lives of Indian youths. Our contribution to this endeavor is to add a unique immersive learning element to enable a true understanding of what some career choices entail, plus some real learning in that area of interest.

In these trying times, the ability for educators to pivot with the changing needs of both in-person and remote learners is paramount. Such a disruptive environment creates both challenges and opportunities for EdTech companies to rise to the occasion. Delivering online education at scale at significantly lower costs, coupled with increased internet and smartphone penetration and a large untapped consumer base, makes this a truly wonderful time to be involved in education in India.”

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