Helping to develop critical career skills

Transforming the way we educate

Helping to develop critical career skills

Train & prepare young people

Helping to develop critical career skills

Ready for the world of work

Helping to develop critical career skills

Bridging the global skills gap

This is the future of education

This is the future of education

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Education and learning reimagined

In a world that’s constantly challenged by technological disruption, demographic change and the evolving landscape of the world of work, our young people need to be equipped with the skills they need to develop their future careers.

We are rising to the challenge by reimagining the way we educate, train and prepare our young people for the world of work.

Careers education must continue to evolve to be more exciting, imaginative and relevant. Only by inspiring a future workforce will we be able to close the growing skills gaps across the world.

Just as streaming services have changed the way we consume TV, we are changing the way young people are educated, with high quality content that is accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device.

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Why we are 
transforming education

The world needs an effective careers platform that can engage young people directly with their future employers. Research shows that young people wish to explore their career choices through the use of technology, gamification and competition.

Our ultimate ambition is to bridge the skills gap by helping young people and providing equality of opportunity to develop the skills that future employers need while students are still in full time education.

Closing the global skills gap could add US $11.5 trillion to global GDP by 2028. To achieve this, education and training systems need to keep pace with market forces, the changing workplace and new developments in technology.

Worldwide concerns on climate change, carbon neutral targets and the COVID-19 pandemic have amplified the skills gap even further, adding to the urgency for educators and employers to take action.

Transformational Education – Market Opportunity

$181 billion

By 2025, the value of the EdTech and smart classroom market.

$11.5 trillion

Addition to global GDP by 2028 through bridging the global skills gap.

$30 billion

EdTech opportunity within our core Indian market.


Addressing the skill gap is critical to achieving COP-26 ambitions.


A seamless extension to the future of education

Our platforms connect young people with employers, helping them enter the world of work once they leave education.

  • Delivering the world of work seamlessly into education
  • Improving accessibility, diversity and inclusion

Our pioneering platforms, and VICTAR VR (now called LMC VR) are designed to close the skills gap. Young people access the careers

opportunities available to them based on their interests, skills and personal attributes and then link up with potential education providers or employers relevant to that career.

Personalised online or VR learning content can be delivered through our platforms, while employers can reveal new job opportunities or take potential new recruits on a virtual tour of their business.

Education connected through technology.


The National Careers Challenge

What is the National Careers Challenge?

The National Careers Challenge is a competition which brings exciting new opportunities for students, from Year 6 to Year 13, to meet and build relationships with real employers.

Through a series of activities, students get the chance to solve a real business challenge set by our corporate sponsors and develop the essential skills they need to thrive in whatever career pathway they choose.

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“What I like about the VR experience is that it’s unique and creative. It’s unlike any conversation you’d have with a teacher asking what you want to do. The experience doesn’t take a long time to finish either, is life-changing, and can definitely help you out.”
Christian, Year 12 Greenwood Academy

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